Panasonic Extends Engagement with Priocept to Include Ground Systems Software Development

Panasonic Avionics Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems, has extended its engagement with Priocept to include software development services. This follows Priocept’s initial appointment in June 2005 to provide project management and technical consultancy relating to the development of internet functionality for their in-flight entertainment systems.

Priocept also now has responsibility for the development of software systems that will support Panasonic’s current and future in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings. These ground-based systems will manage the replication, scheduling and targeting of interactive content and advertising from a web-based management system to the IFE systems onboard a given fleet of aircraft. The system will also enable retrieval of data from the IFE systems to allow analysis and reporting on the usage and reach of IFE content and advertising.

Priocept are designing and developing the system using the Microsoft .NET framework combined with Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and SQL Server 2000. Panasonic will host and manage the systems in Bothell, Washington, USA, following completion of the development and testing phases by Priocept.

We have extended the scope of Priocept’s role because of their ability to provide both the consultancy services and software implementation services that we need in support of our product development activities.

Matt Aslin, Product Manager, Panasonic Avionics Corporation