Defining and planning projects for success

Technical consultancy and project management services

Project Success depends on Project Leadership

Priocept consultants work with our clients to help them initiate and direct projects and ensure a successful outcome.

We often see projects destined to fail due to poor planning or poor decision-making. Perhaps due to inappropriate technology selection, poorly defined requirements, an unrealistic schedule, or a failure to identify technical complexity and risk.

Our consultants aim to build a foundation for success during the early stages of a project through careful analysis and planning. They will then establish a delivery team, and will continue to work in a supervisory role to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and in line with the original vision.

Abhay Kumar, Head of Project Delivery, Priocept

Our consultants work in each of the following areas. Our consultancy engagements range from one day of advisory or technical auditing work, to hundreds of man days delivering a programme of work over many months.

Product Inception

  • Product planning and business case development
  • Product and user interface design
  • Content planning and migration strategy
  • Software vendor selection and negotiation

Project Services

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical project management
  • Interim resourcing

Technical Consultancy

  • Technical feasibility and audit
  • Technical design and architecture
  • Software delivery process improvement
  • Agile coaching

Case Studies and Insights

See our Case Studies or Blog for more information on our recent consultancy projects and the technologies that we are working with.

Or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your project.