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Integrating Cloudinary DAM with Magnolia CMS

This article steps through the process of integrating Magnolia CMS (Content Management System) with Cloudinary DAM (Digital Asset Management).

Blog Article by: Abhay Kumar


Priocept provide integration services between Cloudinary and a number of major Content Management Systems (CMS) including Sitefinity and Magnolia. Cloudinary’s advanced DAM capabilities can complement any CMS. Priocept will integrate your CMS solution with Cloudinary in order to provide editors with a single digital platform that fuses best-of-breed web content management with the advanced DAM […]

Six Steps for Stress Free Software Delivery

From selecting a team through to ensuring the delivery of a quality product, the challenges of software development can be reduced by following some common sense rules.

Blog Article by: Abhay Kumar

Introduction to Vaadin for Business Applications

Vaadin is a Java web application framework which can be used to efficiently build bespoke web applications. This article explores why Vaadin may be the right technology for your next business specific web application. We give an overview of the notable aspects of the Vaadin framework and address some of the benefits and limitations.

Blog Article by: Abhay Kumar

Magnolia CMS Licensing Explained

This article explains the differences between Magnolia CMS licenses. It explains when to use Community Edition and the different Enterprise versions (Standard and Pro).

Blog Article by: Abhay Kumar