Priocept Appointed By Lloyd’s for new Web Development Initiatives

- Priocept Appointed By Lloyd’s for new Web Development Initiatives

Priocept, the internet technology consulting firm, has announced that Lloyd’s of London has appointed them to provide project management, consultancy and software engineering resources in support of its development activity.

The engagement is to last through to 2007, extending Priocept’s previous project-based relationship with Lloyd’s. It will see Priocept consultants taking responsibility for a number of existing and new product developments to be built as part of

The platform is becoming a foundation for business transformation and new product development within Lloyd’s. This takes far beyond its original role as a marketing communications tool. We are working with Priocept to evolve the technology platform to support these new initiatives and to deliver various new products and services.

Jo Scott, Senior Web Manager, Lloyd’s

The Lloyd’s engagement will follow an outsourcing model, with Priocept providing a team of consultants and technologists on-site at Lloyd’s to assist with the development and operation of their web platform. This is another example of a client outsourcing ‘web product development’ activities to Priocept. This reaffirms that there is an important niche to be filled between web agencies and system integration firms by specialist internet technology consultants such as ourselves.

Greg Murray, Principal Consultant and Co-founder, Priocept