Your digital platform is never finished

Web operations, platform support and continuous delivery

At Priocept we don’t see a distinction between building a product and supporting it. Digital products and services are living, breathing things. They need to continually evolve, and need to be continually monitored and managed to ensure that they live up to their promises. We call this Web Operations.

The ongoing operation and continuous improvement of a web platform is even more important than the initial development phase. We build technologies for clients with a view to reliable operation, ease of support and future-proofing. Regardless of whether the platform will be run by us, or handed back to our clients to operate themselves.

Abhay Kumar, Head of Project Delivery, Priocept

Continual product evolution

We frequently work with clients on a long term or retained basis, to manage and execute the continual evolution and improvement of their web based products.

This typically involves a team of Priocept resources with combined development and operational responsibility, combining support, issue resolution, defect fixing and product enhancements into one continual programme of work.

Application support

For applications and technology platforms that have more stable functionality, and are not subject to a high degree of change, we provide application monitoring and support services.

We work either with our client, with their hosting partner, or directly with the end-user.

Release management

Our clients frequently work with multiple implementation partners and may additionally have their own internal development resources.

In this scenario Priocept is often retained to manage the software build, release and deployment processes, and related continuous integration and automated testing frameworks.

Case Studies and Insights

See our Case Studies or Blog for more information on our support, operation and managed services, and the DevOps and Continuous Delivery technologies that we are working with.

Or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your project.