Love and nurture your software platforms

Application Support, Web Hosting, Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Your Digital Platform is Never Finished

At Priocept we don’t see a distinction between building a product and supporting it. Digital products and services are living, breathing things. They need to evolve continually, and need to be continually monitored and managed to ensure that they live up to their promises. We call this Web Operations.

The ongoing operation and continuous improvement of a digital platform is even more important than the initial development phase. We build technologies for clients with a view to reliable operation, ease of support and future-proofing, regardless of whether the platform will be run by us or handed back to our clients to operate themselves.

Abhay Kumar, Head of Project Delivery, Priocept

Incremental Improvement

Many of our clients ask us to manage the long term evolution of their software platforms.

This typically involves assigning a team of Priocept resources who are given both development and operational responsibility – combining technical support, bug fixing and product enhancements into one continual programme of work.

Application Support

We provide technical support and monitoring services for your website, software application or hosting infrastructure to “keep the lights on” and ensure ongoing reliability and security.

This service includes the provision of a service desk which can be used by business owners, hosting partners or end-users to ensure quick and efficient resolution of issues.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery ensures that software can be deployed into production at any time, at the click of a button and in a safe and predictable manner. This ensures that new features or bug fixes can be put into the hands of end-users as quickly as possible.

Priocept can help you establish Continuous Delivery practices within your organisation through the implementation of modern tooling and infrastructure. To achieve this we use products such as GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins, TeamCity, Selenium and Cypress, plus services from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


Achieving Continuous Delivery requires a high level of automation in areas including continuous integration, test automation (unit, integration, system and functional tests) and infrastructure-as-code. This can be achieved by nurturing a “DevOps” culture and establishing processes that bring your software development, operations and infrastructure teams closer together.

Priocept can guide you along this path by providing DevOps consultancy support and the implementation of the tooling and infrastructure needed to help your teams adopt a more modern approach to software development.