Magnolia Solution Design Service

Priocept is a leading Magnolia partner in the UK. We have delivered Magnolia CMS projects for numerous organisations including Argos, Atlassian, Avis Budget Group, BNP Paribas, Essex Police, Generali, Photobox, Virgin Holidays and Volkswagen.

Optimise and Extract Maximum Value from Magnolia

We have been working with Magnolia since 2010 and have been involved in everything from delivering simple brochureware sites to developing complex enterprise-grade solutions, so we know what a good Magnolia CMS architecture looks like.

Priocept can help you with early-stage Magnolia solution design to ensure you maximise the return on your investment and build a solution that is cost effective, easy to maintain, and accommodates your future needs.

High-Level Architecture

We will help you map out the role of Magnolia within your overall web architecture and its methods of integration with other systems.

Content Architecture

Effective content management requires effective content architecture. We will work with you to define the overall structure of your content and to address requirements such as multi-lingual and multi-geography content and efficient content reuse.

Content Authoring

We will help you design a CMS that is easy and enjoyable for your content authors to use and empowers them to build engaging customer experiences.

Headless vs Traditional

The headless CMS approach can provide benefits in terms of multi-channel content reuse and ongoing development and maintenance. We will evaluate whether a headless or traditional architecture best meets your needs.

Hosting Infrastructure

We will help you assess the benefits of hosting Magnolia on-premise or on self-managed cloud infrastructure such as AWS, versus Magnolia’s own managed cloud solutions.

Implementation Planning

We can help you plan the implementation project that will make your desired CMS a reality, including estimating the cost, effort and timeframes required.

Engagement Model, Deliverables and Pricing

Our Magnolia solution design process can be completed within 2-3 weeks, during which time we will assess your business requirements and existing technology landscape, and propose a high-level implementation plan to address all the areas listed above.

Our final deliverable will be a formal solution design document, followed by a presentation of our findings and recommendations to your stakeholders. We also provide a free follow up service, whereby you can engage us a few months down the line to review what has been built and check that it aligns with the originally proposed architecture.

The cost of this service is £8,000 excluding VAT, based on a total of 10 man-days of consultancy work.