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Strategy, Design, Implementation and Managed Services for AWS and GCP

Infrastructure is now Software

Priocept has been helping organisations to deliver challenging software projects since the days when setting up IT infrastructure required a trip to a datacenter to plug in some servers. In contrast, modern IT infrastructure is software-defined and delivered in the form of “infrastructure-as-code”, using platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

As a result our services have evolved to include cloud infrastructure consulting and implementation for both AWS and GCP. We are one of a handful of organisations that is both an official AWS Consulting Partner and Google Cloud Platform Service Partner, with consultancy staff that are certified on both platforms.

We have designed and implemented cloud infrastructure for large scale AWS and GCP customers including Argos, CineWorld, Generali Insurance and Huawei. We have also worked with start-up organisations to develop cloud infrastructure for mobile back-ends and “big data” analysis.

With the advent of software-defined infrastructure and platforms such as AWS, creation of an infrastructure consulting practice was a logical next step for us. We have taken a decade of experience in enterprise software development and combined this with our cloud infrastructure and DevOps experience to help our clients deliver faster, more reliable infrastructure – in less time and at reduced cost.

Dan Norris-Jones, Managing Director, Priocept


Whether your organisation is yet to start its journey to cloud infrastructure or is already well on the way, we can you help develop a strategy and architecture that will deliver a cost effective, highly automated, secure, and robust platform.

We offer a fixed-price engagement to assess your IT systems and their readiness for migration to cloud infrastructure. This includes creation of a prioritised list of candidate systems for migration, development of suitable migration strategies, and prediction of the post-migration cost savings.


As both an AWS Consulting Partner and a Google Cloud Platform Service Partner, we are ideally placed to help you assess which platform is best for your needs.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and they differ in both functionality and architecture. So if you are not already committed to one particular platform, we can work with you to ensure you make the optimum choice.

Best Practice

We frequently provide guidance to our clients on best practice implementation of AWS or GCP.

Whether you are embarking on an all-new cloud infrastructure build, are migrating from legacy on-premise datacenters to cloud infrastructure, or have existing AWS or GCP infrastructure that you would like to review and improve, Priocept can provide certified consultants to help.


We specialise in delivering software-defined infrastructure on both AWS and GCP, with a particular focus on developing high-availability web hosting infrastructure to meet the needs of e-commerce, content management, mobile, online marketing and IoT platforms.

We typically work with a combination of AWS CloudFormation, GCP Deployment Manager, Terraform and Ansible but can deliver infrastructure-as-code solutions using any preferred technology.


If you are considering a migration from on-premise infrastructure or legacy hosting providers to either AWS or GCP, we can help you achieve your goals.

We will work with you to define what level of re-architecting is appropriate to make your systems “cloud ready” and fully software-defined, and then we will execute or assist with the migration itself, applying our standard project delivery methodologies to ensure a predictable, low-impact and successful migration.

Managed Services

Cloud infrastructure from AWS or GCP combined with managed services from Priocept is all that you need to operate your web hosting or IT infrastructure.

No more expensive long-term contracts for datacenters, hardware or managed services. Priocept provides a cost-effective managed services layer on top of AWS and GCP, including monitoring, management and support with a 24×7 on-call service.

Case Studies and Insights

See our Case Studies or Blog for more information on our recent cloud infrastructure projects and the technologies that we are working with.

Or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your project.