Our Azure Services

Priocept is a certified Microsoft Azure partner, which demonstrates a track record of building solutions on Azure for reference clients and a commitment to maintaining an internal team of Azure certified staff.

Consultancy and Design

We can help you design Azure infrastructure from scratch for a new project, or define a roadmap to migrate from existing on-premise infrastructure to Azure with minimal risk and service disruption.

We can also help you understand and exploit the paradigms in Azure that do not usually exist for on-premise infrastructure, such as auto-scaling, immutable servers and on-demand billing.

Infrastructure Build

Azure makes it possible to create infrastructure entirely in software, without dealing with physical hardware. A software engineering mindset is required to do this effectively – something that is at the core of all of Priocept’s services.

We will help you build your new Azure infrastructure using software engineering best practice throughout, defining everything as “infrastructure-as-code” using either Azure Resource Manager or Terraform.

Automation and DevOps

Going beyond your core Azure infrastructure, Priocept can also help you achieve efficient and highly automated software delivery processes.

By using cloud native deployment strategies, configuration management tools such as PowerShell DSC, automated test tools such as Selenium or Cypress, and continuous integration / continuous delivery (“CI/CD”) tools from Azure or others such as GitHub Actions or Jenkins, we will ensure that you can deliver software into production at any time and with minimal risk.

Support and Operation

We can also provide 24/7 support for your Azure infrastructure.

This starts by designing the infrastructure to be inherently reliable and fault tolerant to minimise the possibility of outages, but goes further to include sophisticated monitoring tools and incident management systems.

Our team is then on-call whenever needed, to ensure that your infrastructure runs as it should, all of the time.

Our Azure Expertise

Priocept has experience working with numerous Azure products and technologies, including the following:


Data Factory, Azure Databricks


App Service, Virtual Machines, Container Instances, Azure Functions


SQL Server, Database for MySQL, Database Migration Service


Pipelines, DevOps Services, Monitor


Virtual Network, Load Balancer, Content Delivery Network


Active Directory, Web Application Firewall


API Management, Static Web Apps, Spring Apps, Notification Hubs

Our Azure Certifications

As an official Azure partner, our consultants and software engineers maintain various Azure certifications, including:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect

Priocept helps organisations to create digital products and services – we design, build and run software platforms for some of Europe’s leading companies

Based in central London, Priocept are one of a limited number of companies in the UK that have achieved certified partner status for all three of the major cloud infrastructure providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.