Bring your devices to the internet

IoT and Embedded Software Development

From Embedded, to Edge Computing, to Cloud Infrastructure

At Priocept we have been working with what is now known as the “Internet of Things” since 2005, when we worked with Panasonic on the development of internet connectivity and data transfer for a proprietary hardware platform used for in-flight entertainment systems.

More recently we have worked with industrial electronics manufacturers to help them introduce modern hardware and software technologies into their traditional microcontroller based products, through the use of technologies such as Yocto Linux, MQTT messaging and IoT cloud infrastructure services, and the development of embedded web-based configuration tools.

Whether you are building an all-new IoT/embedded software product, or plan to modernise existing hardware products by adding internet connectivity, cloud infrastructure, web-based configuration or touch-screen interfaces, Priocept can help you to design, build and deploy the required solution.

The advent of IoT has allowed us to combine our background in web application development and cloud infrastructure with our experience in embedded software and mobile application development.

We help our clients to modernise their embedded software through the introduction of internet connectivity and modern software stacks, and work with companies whose main strength is in hardware engineering, to add new software-based features to their products.

Dan Norris-Jones, CTO, Priocept

Software Platforms

  • Embedded C / C++ / Java / Python
  • Yocto Linux
  • AWS IoT Core
  • Azure IoT
  • Google IoT
  • MQTT / Paho
  • Android / Qt

Hardware Platforms

  • Raspberry Pi
  • System on Module (Variscite / Toradex)
  • Microchip PIC
  • STM32
  • Arduino / AVR
  • ESP32 / ESP8266
  • MODBUS / RS485 / RS232 / CAN / I2C / SPI