Priocept achieves over 99.99% uptime for London Stock Exchange with RNS Submit

- Priocept achieves over 99.99% uptime for London Stock Exchange with RNS Submit

Priocept, the internet technology consulting firm, announced that RNS Submit, which Priocept built for the London Stock Exchange, has achieved over 99.99% uptime since its launch in May 2008.

Priocept were engaged by the London Stock Exchange in 2006 to build the web application and document processing engine for the new version of their online regulatory announcement submission tool RNS Submit. Not only does RNS Submit allow contributors to submit regulatory news in familiar Microsoft Word formats, but it also allows the announcements to be edited within the browser without the need for ActiveX or other browser plugins, making for a highly accessible system.

Following an 18-month development process involving four suppliers, RNS Submit went live in May 2008, and is seen by the London Stock Exchange as a success, not least thanks to uptime of over 99.99% since its launch.

The system Priocept were tasked with developing had to be fast, easy to use and provide an editable output that accurately represented the source document. The response from our customers to the new system has been very positive and has helped RNS retain the position of premier Regulatory Information Service in the UK market.

Paul Rennison, Head of RNS Business Development, London Stock Exchange

Priocept made use of several key technologies and techniques to achieve over 99.99% uptime for RNS Submit since its launch in May 2008, including SQL Server 2005 Mirroring (including the SqlClient ‘Failover Partner’ feature), Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks, and an advanced document processing architecture using intelligent retry logic and worker process isolation.

The redevelopment of RNS Submit represents a significant advance in providing the most effective financial disclosure tool for companies and their advisers. Taking a service-oriented architecture approach, we were able seamlessly to integrate our new document conversion engine and submission management tool with existing back-end London Stock Exchange systems, and deliver a product that combines very rich functionality on a thin client web browser platform with virtually unlimited scalability and exceptionally high availability.

Matthew Skelton, Technical Director, Priocept

More information on RNS Submit can be found on the London Stock Exchange website.

A demo of the application is also available.