Priocept launch Virgin Mobile Qatar online store

- Priocept launch Virgin Mobile Qatar online store

Following a five month development, Priocept have launched the new Virgin Mobile Qatar website.

The website facilitates the purchase of pre-paid SIMs, Handsets and Special Numbers – whereby customers can purchase their preferred mobile telephone number.

Available in both Arabic and English language versions, the site is implemented on Sitecore CMS with custom applications and extensions built by Priocept for the product catalogue, ecommerce checkout and payment processes and the ‘Experience Map’ – an animated, interactive, multimedia map which provides detailed information on all of the events that will be happening in Qatar in the forthcoming weeks and months.

I’m very proud of what the team has accomplished in such a short time. The site is looking fantastic and the usage and orders we have seen on the first day alone indicate it will be a great success.

Greg Murray, Director, Priocept

Thanks to the Priocept team, we were able to launch on time and with an amazing product which is head and shoulders above our competitors.

Steve Fellows, Head of Digital & Online, Virgin Mobile Qatar

Further developments are planned throughout 2010 to add new features to the site.

About Virgin Mobile Qatar

Virgin Mobile Qatar is a brand partnership between Virgin Group and Qatar Telecom. Virgin Mobile branded services are offered to consumers in Qatar by Qatar Telecom, through a brand franchise with Virgin. Virgin Mobile Qatar offers customers a simple, honest, easy to use mobile phone service, with no hidden costs. Virgin Mobile Qatar is available from Virgin Megastores and from kiosks.