Donuts At Dawn – Priocept Staff Event

- Donuts At Dawn – Priocept Staff Event

Last week we ran a staff team building event. Unsurprisingly it involved serious amounts of horsepower and squealing tyres at Silverstone – we really do like our motorsport at Priocept!

The car control course saw the team get behind the wheel of a race prepped Caterham to perfect the finer arts of drifting, donuts, throttle control and limit braking ending with laps through a timed course to determine the quickest and most improved drivers.

The competitive spirit was very quickly in full effect, and despite the best efforts of our very patient instructor to get us to “gradually build up the speed”, the Priocept gang were intent on the hell-for-leather approach from the get go. Particular early highlights included Greg taking out pretty much every maker cone on the course, Ollie crossing the finishing line backwards, Rob being told to “go hard or go home” by the instructor, and our illustrious founder (and the only staff member with a racing licence) Dan spinning the car more than anyone else.

After the initial car familiarisation / slalom course the team set about mastering the finer details of throttle control on the donuts course. Our video below shows the fruits of our collective labour. Ollie wins the award for best televised donut: see 4m 40s.

Lessons learnt:

  • Drifting is trickier than it looks
  • Donuts are awesome
  • Tyres don’t last very long when doing the above

Thanks to 2010 British GT Champion Jamie Stanley for running the day for us and providing such excellent tuition. Next up: Charity karting event on 27th Oct – report to follow.