Priocept launch new Generali UK website built on Magnolia

- Priocept launch new Generali UK website built on Magnolia

After a three month consultancy, design and implementation project, Priocept today launched the new Generali UK website – – implemented on the Magnolia web content management platform.

The Generali Group is one of the most significant players in the global insurance and financial products market and the Generali UK website forms the central communication mechanism between the UK headquarters, its customers and the UK insurance broker community.

A key part of our delivery to Generali involved helping them navigate the minefield of content management solutions currently on the market. We needed to ensure that the chosen system provided very intuitive content editing functionality whilst ensuring a good fit with Generali’s existing technology platforms, leveraging where possible the previous investments made by other Generali Group companies. Magnolia was right in the sweet-spot in terms of its architecture, content editing experience, flexibility and price point and so was chosen as Generali’s new web content management platform.

Greg Murray, Client Services Director, Priocept

Working alongside Generali’s chosen design agency, Priocept undertook the core CMS implementation including the user interface components, content templates, publishing workflow, security model and other custom controls which were then delivered into the Generali UK team ready for final content population.

Priocept are now assisting Generali UK with the support, enhancement and training activities around the new web platform.