Priocept launch updated Project Quit microsite for Tesco

Priocept have launched further enhancements to the Project Quit microsite for Tesco, which is sponsored by NiQuitin.

Project Quit is a campaign to help people give up smoking. The microsite offers advice and helps users select the most suitable nicotine replacement therapy products to suit their goals and lifestyles. Priocept were responsible for creating a Temptation Tracker that helps users log their smoking urges in order to give them a better understanding of their behaviour and offer targeted advice on how to beat their cravings.

Priocept leveraged the existing functionality of the Behavioural Support Programme in order to implement a ‘lite’ version for the Tesco microsite. The website is built in .NET on the EPiServer CMS and uses JavaScript and HTML5 to present animated charting.

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