Priocept Wins Barclays Hackathon Event

- Priocept Wins Barclays Hackathon Event

After a weekend of coding in Manchester, Priocept has won the Barclays “Rise” Hackathon event in Manchester, by developing a machine learning solution using Google Cloud Platform and Google TensorFlow.

The event was organised by Barclays and its partner organisations, which included Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM. Hundreds of competing teams were tasked with prototyping technologies that would drive innovation in banking and “fintech”, and in the areas of open banking and Directive on Payment Services (PSD) in particular.

The hackathon was run over a 48-hour period, from 6pm on a Friday to 6pm on the Sunday, with sleep being an optional extra! This environment provided the perfect opportunity for Priocept to demonstrate its rapid prototyping capabilities, and general software development expertise.

By the end of the hackathon, Priocept were announced the winner of the “Corporate Treasurer” competition.