Process and Project Management

When Engineers Embrace Marketing

There was a time when engineers looked down their noses at marketing, and many still do, but others embrace the idea of promoting their products and services. Those that are interested in doing business, and put their interest into action, will get positive results.

Software Environment Naming

A standard pattern for software environment naming and usage, to provide clarity and consistency when planning software development infrastructure.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform

Selecting a new technology solution to power your online sales can be a daunting proposition. Here are the five top tips we give to clients who are about to embark on a new e-commerce development.

An Introduction to Kanban – Part 2 (Kanban Illustrated)

In Part One of this article, we introduced the idea of using Kanban for software development projects. In this second part, we work through a detailed example of how the Kanban process might be followed by a software development team during a typical week.

Coders and designers – a marriage of inconvenience

There are numerous anecdotes on the Internet parading the disparity between those who work for creative agencies and those who are pure software developers. You’d be hard-pushed to find two more different kinds of people. It may be a marriage of inconvenience, but in this world of ubiquitous web and mobile apps, techies and designers need each other. Developers ignore this at their peril.

An Introduction to Kanban – Part 1

Kanban was invented by Taiichi Ohno as a solution for making Toyota’s manufacturing processes more efficient, but can equally be applied to software development projects. In this two part article we explain the concepts behind Kanban and how it works in practice on a typical software or web development project.

Software Engineering – the Driver of All Things Digital

At Priocept we believe that a deep understanding of software engineering is critical to the success of any digital product development, e-commerce, content management or mobile project. So in this article, we go back to basics to try to explain; what exactly is software engineering? And we look at why is there so much software development going on in the world that does not apply a proper engineering philosophy.

Cookies and European Law 2012

Information and advice from Priocept on making your website compliant with the European Union ePrivacy Directive.

SEO Migration: Why and How?

A guest article from our SEO partner firm MediaRun about understanding the impact of website content and structural changes on search engine optimisation.