GlaxoSmithKline: Behavioural Support Platform


GlaxoSmithKline aims to support its consumers in their quit journey, by providing digital support to complement the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product line. Whilst patches, gum, lozenges and minis address the physiological addiction of smoking, behavioural change is vital to ensure a successful quit attempt.

Behavioural change centres around helping the individual overcome the habit of smoking that goes far beyond a dependence on nicotine.

Leveraging techniques of behaviour change such as social support, self tracking, education and crisis management, the Behavioural Support Platform (BSP) helps the consumer maximise their chances of successfully quitting. Behavioural support can help throughout the quit journey, with different consumer demands at each stage. The BSP has been built with this in mind, allowing rules and content to be re-used as much as possible, with a single customer record being maintained throughout.

The Smoking Reduction and Cessation (SR&C) Digital Eco-System

When a consumer first visits a brand site, the assumption is that they know little about NRT and the brand knows nothing about the consumer. As they start to learn more about the brand, so the brand is able to draw inferences about the consumer. When the consumer has made the decision that they want to quit, they move from the brand site to the BSP, where more interactive tools and richer content are available. At this point the consumer is asked to set up an account to gain access to these features.

Over time, as the consumer provides more information around their smoking habits, reasons for quitting and other important background information, the content they see changes dynamically to reflect their personal quit journey. The aim is ultimately to support consumers during the critical stages of the journey to becoming a non-smoker and all the tools and content have been developed with this in mind.

Role of Behavioural Support in the journey from Smoker to Non-Smoker

BSP Feature Set

The BSP includes a range of sophisticated features to support the consumer through their programme, and to allow them to share their progress with friends or other users who are following a similar programme. The consumer can choose which pieces of functionality to use, based on their own preferences.

BSP features

BSP Technologies

The BSP technologies have been in continuous development since 2009. It provides all the core services that are necessary to rapidly implement a sophisticated and intelligent web-based behavioural support programme, with low levels of investment being required to launch in a new market. To support the global nature of the SR&C business, multi-lingual support and localisation are provided via an integrated content management system (CMS).

The BSP building blocks, as shown below, include a content management framework, user profiling system, rules engine, pre-packaged social media integration and gamification, native mobile app for Android (with iPhone version available in the near future), plus an API to allow integration with an unlimited range of third party systems.

BSP technologies