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Priocept’s software engineers are ultimately responsible for building the digital product or service that our clients and their customers will use. For this reason we never compromise on the quality of the software engineers that join our team.

We are advocates and practitioners of agile software delivery, but at the same time understand the need for long term planning, careful analysis and good old-fashioned engineering processes where it’s appropriate.

Building digital products and services is primarily a software engineering exercise. Innovation is driven by the application of technology, and this requires a structured engineering approach. Effective use of technology is critical to the success of any digital project.

Dan Norris-Jones, Managing Director, Priocept

Our software delivery teams work in the following areas and typical client engagements range from a few days of analysis or remedial work, to hundreds of man days delivering a software development programme over many months.

Software and web development

  • Design and development of web based products and services
  • Content Management System (CMS) development
  • E-commerce development
  • Application migration and re-platforming
  • User interface development
  • Mobile app development

Technology platforms

  • Microsoft .NET, WCF, WPF, WF, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Commerce Server, Sitecore CMS, EPiServer CMS, Ektron CMS
  • Enterprise Java, Tomcat, Weblogic, Spring, Struts, Hibernate and Jackrabbit/JCR (Java Content Repository), JSP, JSF, GWT, Groovy, Grails, Magnolia CMS
  • Mobile app development, Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Content management and e-commerce

  • Adobe CQ
  • Apache Jackrabbit
  • Drupal
  • EPiServer
  • Magnolia
  • Sitecore
  • Demandware

Legacy Platforms

Sometimes our clients will ask us to fix an existing but broken technology. We are always happy to take over or assist with the work of others. If you have a troublesome software platform that you need to get back under control, please get in touch.

Clients often come to us with an existing technology that is not delivering. Either a legacy platform, or a recently developed platform that just isn’t delivering on its original promise. We understand that not all projects start with a shiny new technology stack on green-field infrastructure. We are more interested in the outcome of the project, than how new and trendy the technologies are. So we don’t shy away from taking on troubled or unloved technology platforms.

Abhay Kumar, Head of Project Delivery, Priocept

Case Studies and Insights

See our Case Studies or Blog for more information on our recent software delivery projects and the technologies that we are working with.

Or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your project.