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Integrating Salesforce CRM with Magnolia

At Priocept, our customers often ask for support with integrating Salesforce with various Content Management Systems (CMS). This article explains some of the options available for integrating Salesforce with Magnolia.

Abhay Kumar

Placeholder Implementation in non-HTML 5 Browsers

HTML5 has introduced many features to the browser; some HTML-based, some in the form of JavaScript APIs, but all of them useful. Among those we have the placeholder attribute, which shows text in a field until the field is focused upon, then hides the text.

Unobtrusive Client-Side Validation

JQuery Validation is an efficient, resilient and widely adopted solution for client-side validation. Since JQuery's official support by Microsoft and the introduction of Unobtrusive Client Validation for .NET, it has become easier than ever to integrate with applications that use .NET forms.

Ditching Old Habits – Photoshop vs. CSS

In an age gone by, it was normal practice for web designers to fully draft their web concepts in Photoshop, arranging all of their elements within a single ‘.psd’ file. However, when there are now so many new, innovative and better solutions available, why would web designers and developers continue to employ Photoshop at all?

Login Functionality – Back to Basics

It is surprising that so many websites still incorrectly implement the basic, rudimentary and essential elements of login and password functionality. Implementing a slick, secure and stable process really should be straightforward for any development team. However, judging by how poorly some websites continue to do it, it may not be as simple as first envisaged.

Magnolia CMS: STK or Not?

We often get asked whether Magnolia's Standard Templating Kit is the best way to go when planning out a new Magnolia project. In this article we discuss some of the pros and cons associated with the STK to help you decide whether it fits the requirements of your Magnolia project.

Updated ICO guidance on EU cookie law and “implied consent”

For the past few months a continuous talking point in the web development arena has been the controversial new EU online privacy legislation affecting use of cookies. Just one day before the new directive was to be enforced, the ICO changed their official advice.

Customer != Person != Device

We hear a lot these days about customer engagement, profiling and content targeting, but with very little groundwork being done first to define who and what we mean by a Customer. Without understanding the limitations of the underlying techniques, it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions.

Cookies and European Law 2012

Information and advice from Priocept on making your website compliant with the European Union ePrivacy Directive.