Ten Development Tips For Testable Websites

Developing web applications can be optimised to make the Test cycle quicker and more thorough. The HTML mark up - if written with automation in mind - will make automated test vastly easier to write and maintain, allowing builds to be more robust and code to be released more frequently with a higher quality. Furthermore, adopting a defensive approach to data validation and processing will lead to much more secure applications.

Report-back from JSConf 2009

Raoul Millais, one of our .Net lead developers, reports back from JSConf 2009: I finally got round to spending some time this week watching the videos from last year’s jsconf in Berlin. There are some really good talks up there and I highly recommend taking some time to watch them. It’s absolutely incredible what there is going on in the JavaScript world at the moment. Almost all the talks fell into one of three categories, which mirror the most exciting areas of development in the JavaScript world today.