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Antique computing – Jacquard Loom

Although the Jacquard Loom does not compute, is does feature stored programs in the form of external punched cards. These programs are not tied to a specific machine, and a machine can be supplied with numerous different punched cards, and therefore can weave many different patterns.

Alternatives to SQL for high-volume data

Priocept has recently been working with Apache Solr, a kind of "Lucene on steriods", which fast approaches a NoSQL database when used for applications such as geodata and automatic data categorisation (as used on eBay).

The User (not Content) is King – WCM in 2010

According to Gartner's latest report, the User is now more important than the Content when selecting WCM systems. Multi-channel user engagement requires fully-integrated products spanning content delivery, tracking, analytics and personalisation.

Report-back from JSConf 2009

Raoul Millais, one of our .Net lead developers, reports back from JSConf 2009: I finally got round to spending some time this week watching the videos from last year’s jsconf in Berlin. There are some really good talks up there and I highly recommend taking some time to watch them. It’s absolutely incredible what there is going on in the JavaScript world at the moment. Almost all the talks fell into one of three categories, which mirror the most exciting areas of development in the JavaScript world today.

Out-of-band security verification

CAPTCHA is broken, so relying on a working telephone number with voice prompts makes it much harder for spam-bots/machines to interact with the system like this.

Caching with Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric is Microsoft's implementation of a distributed cache, the most well-known example of which is memcached, as used on LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc.

Agile Development – Does It Make Sense For Clients?

There is an increasing move towards “Agile Development” for IT projects, particularly those using new and emerging technologies such as internet and web projects. Technologists increasingly advocate Agile Development, but does it make sense if you are the client or business owner? The answer is “yes” for the right type of project – but only if you get commitment and clarity from your supplier when it comes to project costs.