Priocept deliver Project Quit for

- Priocept deliver Project Quit for

As part of the Stoptober awareness campaign to promote a reduction in smoking, Priocept have today launched the first phase of a web based system called Project Quit on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline and

The application is designed to support smokers through their quit attempt by providing them with expert advice, helping them to build a quit plan and providing them with tools such as the Temptation Tracker to monitor their progress.

By utilising the Behavioural Support system which we have been building and supporting for GSK, we were able to launch this cut down version of the online services for in a few weeks. This is an excellent example of where we have helped our clients build an extensible platform which can be repurposed for different objectives as the business requirements and marketing campaigns evolve over time.

Adam Ross, Principal Consultant, Priocept

Priocept continue to develop and support GSK’s smoking cessation support programme with further phases of Project Quit planned for 2014.