Build your own products and services on top of Google's world leading infrastructure, with assistance from Priocept

Our Google Cloud Platform Consulting Services

Priocept has been working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) since 2009 when it was first released in the form of Google App Engine. It has since grown into an extensive cloud infrastructure offering that spans Compute, Networking, Storage, Databases, Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT).

While Amazon Web Services is the world’s leading infrastructure-as-a-service supplier in terms of market share, Google Cloud Platform excels at meeting the needs software development teams – hiding infrastructure details that these teams need not care about and ‘getting out of their way’ to allow them to focus on the primary task of product development.

If you are migrating existing systems to cloud infrastructure, then AWS may be your first port of call, but if you plan to develop a new product or service using modern software architectures then GCP should at least be on your short list.

Dan Norris-Jones, Managing Director, Priocept

Priocept works across the entire suite of GCP products for a range of companies and across sectors including finance, electronics and industrial automation, travel, non-profit and mobile app start-ups. We help them to design and build modern “cloud native” software platforms running on GCP, or to migrate existing applications away from legacy infrastructure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving reliability, performance and security.

Once we have delivered a GCP solution for you, we can then either run it on your behalf, providing 24×7 managed services and technical support, or we can hand it over to be operated by your in-house team or managed services provider.

For further insights into how you can apply world class technology from Google to your own projects, take a look through our GCP related case studies and blog articles below.


Google Compute Engine – Preemptible Instance Considerations

Preemptible Instances on GCP differ from Spot Instances on AWS in that there is no concept of a “spot price” or bidding for the resources. This approach is much simpler than the Spot Instances concept, and can also be cheaper in certain scenarios, but comes with additional considerations which we cover in this article.