Tech Tip

Developing a Web Services API for EPiServer

A technical deep dive into our approach for exposing the complex business logic in GSK's NRT Behavioural Support Programme - which is implemented on the EPiServer CMS platform - via a new web services API.

Antique computing – Jacquard Loom

Although the Jacquard Loom does not compute, is does feature stored programs in the form of external punched cards. These programs are not tied to a specific machine, and a machine can be supplied with numerous different punched cards, and therefore can weave many different patterns.

Alternatives to SQL for high-volume data

Priocept has recently been working with Apache Solr, a kind of "Lucene on steriods", which fast approaches a NoSQL database when used for applications such as geodata and automatic data categorisation (as used on eBay).

Out-of-band security verification

CAPTCHA is broken, so relying on a working telephone number with voice prompts makes it much harder for spam-bots/machines to interact with the system like this.

Caching with Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric is Microsoft's implementation of a distributed cache, the most well-known example of which is memcached, as used on LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc.