Tech Tip

Mind the Gap – A Quick Magnolia Upgrade Guide for 5.3 to 5.4

Upgrading your Magnolia 5.3.x project to a newer version 5.4.x should be an easy task, but even if we are speaking about two versions which are only 18 months apart, there are tweaks that have to be done, even for this small upgrade process.

IaaS Cloud: Amazon AWS vs Rackspace

Priocept has recently been working side-by-side with two alternative cloud computing service providers: Rackspace and Amazon AWS. This gave us a great opportunity to compare the details of both providers. On both projects the software platform was based around Magnolia, a Java based CMS.

An Introduction to CloudFlare

Priocept has recently been implementing and evaluating CloudFlare, a CDN service. We thought we would write up our findings for the benefit of other prospective CloudFlare users.

Placeholder Implementation in non-HTML 5 Browsers

HTML5 has introduced many features to the browser; some HTML-based, some in the form of JavaScript APIs, but all of them useful. Among those we have the placeholder attribute, which shows text in a field until the field is focused upon, then hides the text.

Unobtrusive Client-Side Validation

JQuery Validation is an efficient, resilient and widely adopted solution for client-side validation. Since JQuery's official support by Microsoft and the introduction of Unobtrusive Client Validation for .NET, it has become easier than ever to integrate with applications that use .NET forms.

Ditching Old Habits – Photoshop vs. CSS

In an age gone by, it was normal practice for web designers to fully draft their web concepts in Photoshop, arranging all of their elements within a single ‘.psd’ file. However, when there are now so many new, innovative and better solutions available, why would web designers and developers continue to employ Photoshop at all?

User Experience Assurance – Combining QA, UX & Usability

Quality assurance (QA) processes should assure the quality of the overall user experience of a website, not just the quality of the underlying software. It is important that the correct quality assurance procedures have been put in place to ensure that the user experience (UX), as well as the technical solution, is of the highest possible quality. We call this “User Experience Assurance”.

Login Functionality – Back to Basics

It is surprising that so many websites still incorrectly implement the basic, rudimentary and essential elements of login and password functionality. Implementing a slick, secure and stable process really should be straightforward for any development team. However, judging by how poorly some websites continue to do it, it may not be as simple as first envisaged.

Alterian Dynamic Messenger: Implementing Unsubscribe

An article describing our approach to implementing branded unsubscribe emails with the Alterian Dynamic Messenger email marketing platform, and our workarounds to some of the problems we stumbled across.