Enterprise WCM: Bi-directional Content Migration

Enterprise content-managed websites need bi-directional content transfers on a regular basis. Here we explain why, and how to achieve this, a task which involves content editors, IT operations, and software development teams.

The User (not Content) is King – WCM in 2010

According to Gartner's latest report, the User is now more important than the Content when selecting WCM systems. Multi-channel user engagement requires fully-integrated products spanning content delivery, tracking, analytics and personalisation.

Using Google Search Appliance for public-facing websites

For standard document or page-centric indexing and search requirements in the enterprise, the Google Search Appliance performs very effectively, although more unusual uses may require customisation or addition of extra functionality to achieve the desired results, particularly around administration. Here, we provide details about the GSA, its usage, and relevant capabilities and limitations.