New Online Marketing Suite in Sitecore 6

Sitecore has launched its Online Marketing Suite (OMS) in the UK. Sitecore is one of Priocept’s key CMS partners, and we were at the launch party last Thursday, where the new OMS was showcased and demonstrated.

The OMS has all the features you’d expect from a modern marketing/analytics suite, including:

  • Multi-variate (A/B) testing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Dynamic content personalisation
  • Integrated reporting

What sets the Sitecore OMS apart from other analytics tools such as Webtrends and Google Analytics is that all the features are integrated into the CMS, and can derive significantly more data and therefore valuable knowledge about what users are doing on a site, and how different content affects their journey and experience.

From a technical viewpoint, the OMS has been designed to have minimal impact on the performance of the rest of the site, using a separate database and configurable sampling intervals, so that in periods of heavy traffic, for example, the OMS functions do not overwhelm the main CMS application operation.

ZDNet has a “sneak preview” review of the Sitecore OMS (including some screenshots) here:

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