Google Search Appliance improved, but how much?

As reported by the Real Story group, the latest Google Search Appliance (GSA 6.8) now has faceted search, amongst other things.

We blogged on the GSA last year, noting how – although the GSA has some powerful features – its administrative interface and feed control were both somewhat lacking. It seems that the main new features are: faceted navigation, a SharePoint 2010 connector (useful for intranets), and Active-Active mirroring. How many of the glitches we found back in 2009 (such as poor ampersand handling, batch import control and index purging) are now fixed is not clear, although a side-effect of the new faceted navigation seems to be that the search result estimates are now accurate.

For document-centric searches, GSA is still probably a good bet, but for more complex requirements, something like Endeca or FAST might be more appropriate.

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  • 1. Mark L.

    Sadly after all this time, the GSA got discontinued. There is a petition to give companies the possibility to migrate to alternative solutions.

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