New video: Priocept on Sitecore

During the recent DreamcoreEU event in London, Priocept’s Principal Consultant, Matthew Skelton, was interviewed about Priocept’s experiences with Sitecore. Here he talks about Sitecore’s excellent support for multi-lingual websites including Arabic.


Why recommend Sitecore?

What we found is that Sitecore is a very, very good product in situations where there’s a requirement for different versions of the site, for multi-lingual particularly as we’ve experienced recently with the website for our client out in the Middle East – right-to-left – in this case, Arabic. Sitecore outshines almost all of the competition there and it includes some incredibly powerful features out of the box to help you build and manage and maintain a website that has those kinds of requirements.  So, it’s been very good to work with Sitecore, we’ve been very impressed with the technology.

Working with Sitecore

We’ve been very impressed with Sitecore as a product and with the Sitecore team here in the UK as well, they’ve been very helpful and supportive and helped with documentation and training and that kind of thing.  So, the ecosystem if you like, the Sitecore ecosystem as a whole, we’re very impressed with that and it’s something which we hope to be doing a lot more development with and working with that over the next few years.

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