Magnolia CMS Licensing Explained

Community Edition

Magnolia Community Edition is a fully-functional CMS and is ideal for businesses that have a single site which receives a relatively low load. It includes a built-in REST API and a Java programming interface for extending the CMS.

Limitations of the Community Edition are:

  • Publishing – Magnolia deployments are comprised of a single content authoring server and one or more public instances that are publicly accessible and used for delivering content. Public servers subscribe to content published by the authoring server. In Magnolia Community Edition, publishing is limited to just one subscribing public server. This means that a high-availability web platform is not suitable for use with Community Edition.
  • Updates – Community Edition only gets major version updates. Magnolia frequently releases minor versions which often contain useful new features. Without paying for a license you will be forced to wait some time before you can benefit from these via the next major Community Edition update.
  • SSO – LDAP and Active Directory Server connectors for single sign-on (SSO) are missing from Community Edition.
  • Other Features – Various other enterprise features are missing such as personalisation, multi-site support, workflows, advanced caching, scheduled backups and deployment management.

Enterprise Edition

Magnolia has two types of enterprise license: Enterprise Edition Standard and Enterprise Edition Professional. The differences between these versions are as follows:

  • Multisite Support – If you need to host multiple sites (domains) under a single Magnolia instance then you will need the Professional license.
  • Component Personalisation – Personalisation is supported in both licenses in terms of creating page variants. For more granular control, Magnolia released component-level personalisation. This is only supported in Enterprise Edition Professional.
  • Dynamic Caching – This allows you to cache static components within a dynamic page and is only available in Enterprise Edition Professional.
  • Websphere and Weblogic – To use Magnolia with these application servers you will need Enterprise Edition Professional.
  • Extended Support – An Enterprise Edition Standard license provides 9am to 5pm weekday support. With Enterprise Edition Professional support can be extended up to 365/24/7.

For more information on licensing, or to understand if Magnolia is the right CMS for your business, please get in touch.

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