Videos: Priocept on multilingual ecommerce Sitecore website for Virgin Mobile

In June 2011, Priocept gave two presentations at Sitecore’s DreamcoreEU 2011 event in London. We spoke about the multilingual ecommerce Sitecore website we built for Virgin Mobile in Qatar in the Middle East. Here are the videos from the two sessions: one focused on the business case and user experience, and the second covers the more technical aspects of the project.

DreamcoreEU 2011 logo

We also gave an interview about our experience of Sitecore as a Sitecore Partner. Other videos of the sessions at DreamcoreEU 2011 are also online here.

Business Track – Virgin Mobile (Qtel): Business strategy for an enterprise going global with Sitecore

Priocept DreamcoreEU 2011 VirginMobile Business slide


  • Greg Murray, Managing Director – Priocept
  • Matthew Skelton, Principal Consultant – Priocept


  • Project Background
    • New market with strong branding / experience focus
  • Requirements
    • Rapid turnaround (due to challenging timescales)
    • First-class user experience for both end-users and content editors
  • Solution Delivered
    • Start to launch in 6 months
    • Sitecore key to ease of development
  • Challenges / Lessons Learnt
    • Do not “internationalise” – build in multilingual and RTL support from the start
    • Understand local market differences
  • Future Developments
    • Sitecore lends itself well to supporting a “services” approach

(60 mins)

Technical Track – Virgin Mobile (Qtel): Technical Strategy & Implementation

Priocept DreamcoreEU 2011 VirginMobile Technical slide


  • Matthew Skelton, Principal Consultant – Priocept


  • Using Sitecore for multi-lingual and LTR/RTL websites
    • Side-by-side editing, versions, template and renderings
  • Flexible content modelling and product management with Sitecore
    • No need for separate PIM in many cases. Custom edit UIs possible.
  • Content curation using Sitecore
    • Package Designer, Publishing Viewer, Broken Links report, API
  • Developing, testing and operating multi-server Sitecore installations
    • Implications of international applications on:
      • Text & rich media, UI & UX, development process
    • Full-stack testing with a range of tools
    • Work with Ops to achieve optimal Production environment
    • Write a System Operation Manual – prove how your system works
  • Plan for interesting challenges in the Production environment!

(54 mins)

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