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Magnolia CMS Licensing Explained

Abhay Kumar

This article explains the differences between Magnolia CMS licenses. It explains when to use Community Edition and the different Enterprise versions (Standard and Pro).

Content Personalisation with Magnolia CMS

Abhay Kumar

This article provides a high-level overview of the personalisation capabilities available in Magnolia CMS and explains some related concepts.

Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect – Beta Exam Report

An overview of the content and questions in the Google Certified Cloud Architect exam, as recently taken by our cloud infrastructure consultants.

Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer – Beta Exam Report

Priocept consultants have recently been participating in the Google Cloud Platform beta certification exams. Here we cover the Certified Data Engineer exam.

Cloud Project Isolation – AWS vs Google Cloud Platform

In this blog article we compare the “project isolation” features of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

How “enterprise” is Django CMS?

Abhay Kumar

We examine whether Django CMS really can compete against the likes of the firmly established solutions in the market.

Avoid Content Duplication with Magnolia CMS

At Priocept we work with a number of clients with a global presence, where various local country sites often share much of their content and structure, but are also very different in certain sections. In this article we explain how to effectively combine content reuse and content differences, using a CMS inheritence model.

Mind the Gap – A Quick Magnolia Upgrade Guide for 5.3 to 5.4

Upgrading your Magnolia 5.3.x project to a newer version 5.4.x should be an easy task, but even if we are speaking about two versions which are only 18 months apart, there are tweaks that have to be done, even for this small upgrade process.

Why software will become the most important thing in your business – Part 1

What level of investment are you committing to the development and enhancement of your website and e-commerce platform compared to the amounts spent on advertising and marketing? If the answer is “not much”, then here’s why you might want to think again.

IaaS Cloud: Amazon AWS vs Rackspace

Priocept has recently been working side-by-side with two alternative cloud computing service providers: Rackspace and Amazon AWS. This gave us a great opportunity to compare the details of both providers. On both projects the software platform was based around Magnolia, a Java based CMS.