Thoughts and commentary on the latest internet technologies

When Engineers Embrace Marketing

There was a time when engineers looked down their noses at marketing, and many still do, but others embrace the idea of promoting their products and services. Those that are interested in doing business, and put their interest into action, will get positive results.

Introduction to Vaadin for Business Applications

Abhay Kumar

Vaadin is a Java web application framework which can be used to efficiently build bespoke web applications. This article explores why Vaadin may be the right technology for your next business specific web application. We give an overview of the notable aspects of the Vaadin framework and address some of the benefits and limitations.

Google Compute Engine – Preemptible Instance Considerations

Preemptible Instances on GCP differ from Spot Instances on AWS in that there is no concept of a “spot price” or bidding for the resources. This approach is much simpler than the Spot Instances concept, and can also be cheaper in certain scenarios, but comes with additional considerations which we cover in this article.

Software Environment Naming

A standard pattern for software environment naming and usage, to provide clarity and consistency when planning software development infrastructure.

Implementing Model-View-Presenter on Android – Part 1

In this article we describe an opinionated approach to Model-View-Presenter development on Android.

Deploying Magnolia CMS to Cloud Infrastructure

Abhay Kumar

This article provides an overview of how to implement Magnolia CMS on an auto-scaling cloud platform.

Magnolia CMS – Multi-Language and Translations

Abhay Kumar

In this blog article we have a look at some of the options available for applying translations in Magnolia.

Learnings from the AWS S3 Outage 28 Feb 2017

Amazon's S3 service suffered a significant outage on 28th February 2017. We analyse the factors behind the outage and the learnings that apply in general.

AWS Tag Retrieval from Within an EC2 Instance

In this post we explain in detail how you can retrieve tag values from inside an EC2 instance, allowing metadata based control of internal instance configuration.

AWS EC2 vs Google Compute Engine Comparison – Instance Metadata

In this article we compare how AWS and Google Cloud Platform implement metadata and start-up and shutdown events for compute instances.